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rusconv v.3.11 manual


   Rusconv is intended for converting text between russian encodings: alternative (for DOS, codepage 866), KOI-8 (for UNIX), Macintosh, Windows (codepage 1251) and latinica (russian text spelled latin letters). Rusconv also can convert from DOS/windows text file format to UNIX one and back. Files can be converted to several encodings simultaneously, any number of files can be converted simultaneously. Designed for use from command line and from command scripts. Windows version supports long file names and local network files.


  • rusconv (-h|--help)
  • rusconv [options] -(alt|koi|mac|win) +(alt|koi|mac|lat|win) [--] <file_list> [output_dir]
  • rusconv [options] -(cr2crlf|crlf2cr) [--] <file_list> [output_dir]
  • rusconv [options] -(dos2unix|win2unix|unix2dos|unix2win|d2u|w2u|u2d|u2w) [--] <file_list> [output_dir]
  • 1. rusconv (-h|--help)

      Prints help.

    2. rusconv [options] -(alt|koi|mac|win) +(alt|koi|mac|lat|win) [--] <file_list> [output_dir]

      Program converts content of files in <file_list>

    from encoding -xxx to encoding +xxx. Results are placed in files with the same names but with another extensions. Files are created in directory [output_dir], or in current one if output directory is not specified.

      You should specify one and only one encoding from which to convert:

    flag encoding

    -alt - alternative (DOS) -koi - KOI-8 (UNIX) -mac - Macintosh -win - Windows

      You can specify several encodings to convert to:

    flag encoding

    +alt - alternative (DOS) +koi - KOI-8 (UNIX) +lat - latinica +mac - Macintosh +win - Windows

      Default extensions are:

    extension for encoding

    .alt - alternative (DOS) .koi - KOI-8 (UNIX) .lat - latinica .mac - Macintosh .win - Windows

      To specify you own extensions for files with convert results use commands:

    extension for files contained text in encoding

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