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Faq-e - часть 3

Can I use rusconv and whatrus sources in my own programs?

 You are not allowed to change sources and create you own versions of rusconv and whatrus. But you can use parts of code in you own projects. Please do not forget to make reference to rusconv and whatrus and to rusconv's web site (http://beta.math.spbu.ru/~prof/w_re/).

What is the best way to make link on rusconv's web site?

 It is your choose. Address of rusconv's web site is


 By default russian version in windows encoding will be loaded. Start pages in other encodings are

http://beta.math.spbu.ru/~prof/w_re/index.html - windows http://beta.math.spbu.ru/~prof/w_re/index-k.html - KOI-8 http://beta.math.spbu.ru/~prof/w_re/index-l.html - latinica http://beta.math.spbu.ru/~prof/w_re/index-e.html - english

Have a nice work!


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Last changes - 15 November 1998

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