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Errors-e - часть 8

0 file(s) converted.

error: can't replace file 'file name' by file 'temporary file'.

 Overwriting of file consist of three stages. In first stage source file converts to temporary file. When source file deleted. On last stage temporary file receive name of source file. This message is printed if error occured during this stages.

 We can't get this message, so no example.

error: not enough memory.

 This error should not be happen. See description of next error, 'internal error'.

 We can't get this message, so no example.

error: sorry, internal error has been detected

in source file 'source file name' on line line number.

please inform us about it by email prof@beta.math.spbu.ru

 This error should not be ever happen. A lot of testing maked rusconv very stable. But if you get this message try collect as much as possible information when and why its happen. Then send us E-MAIL with description (address is prof@beta.math.spbu.ru).

 We can't get this message, so no example.


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